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A Travel Guide for Visiting Zambia

Any traveller seeking to explore an unknown land is expected to now follow a certain set of guidelines before and after stepping onto the land. Nations are practising strict protocols to preserve destinations, their worth and beauty.

Places that witness heavy tourism now have changed their travel policies along with facilities for tourists. On the other hand, travellers have become aware and responsible when they plan their itineraries. Moreover, the belongings which visitors carry are now more sorted and trimmed. But a lot needs to be done and dusted till we witness a relief sigh.

Numerous destinations are undergoing experiencing over-tourism. Your favourite places are choking with demands of basics as well as luxury. Beyond limits, tourism burdens the lives of the locals and tourists too. Though it creates sources of bread and butter in the tourism sector, it ruins way beyond. Just imagine the amount of load, a country or a specific destination carries to cater to your need while you are on a holiday.

A responsible traveller is one who respects the space of nature and human beings. When a destination starts receiving a huge influx of tourists, it will have expansion plans to earn multifold. But that earning comes with a cost of ruining existence and moral empathy.

What you can do while you plan and travel:
  • Let your device rest at home while you holiday
  • Try to choose a destination close to your home
  • Travel light, Travel right
  • Visit places where you can contribute to the environment and its beings
  • Opt for green transport options
  • Respect the space of all the beings already living in your dream destination
  • Follow the rules and regulations of the native country to receive hospitality

The planet belongs to all of us. Each one has the privilege to contribute to a better world. We all can leave a better planet for our coming generations.

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